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Socioboard is created using ASP.NET, MVC 4.0, and JQuery with back end as MySQL.

APIs to be used to retrieve or post the data to social networking sites would be:

  • Twitter - REST API v1.1 – Wrapper Written in
  • Facebook – Graph API – Facebook C# SDK
  • linkedin – REST API - Wrapper Written in
  • Google Plus – HTTP API - Wrapper Written in
  • Instagram’s API - Wrapper Written in

Structure of SocioBoard-

1. Api.Socioboard(Individual MVC4(WEB API) Project in the Solution)

2. Domain.Socioboard(Console Application)

3. Lib- The SocioBoard Project contains the Following Library Files that helps and Maintains the Structure of Socioboard Clear and Understandable:-

  • GlobusGooglePlusLib
  • GlobusInstagramLib
  • GlobusLinkedinLib
  • GlobusMailLib
  • GlobusMultilanguageLib
  • GLobussDropboxLib
  • GlobusTumblrLib
  • GlobusTwiterLib
  • GLobusWordpressLib

The basic Functionality of these console Applications is to make the entire program clean and understandable and segregate each and every Modules like twitter,Linkedin,for decreasing clutter of code and memory. In case of use of any of the classes and functions of any particular Library into any of the project i.e API.SocioBoard or SocioBoard,Just ADD THE DLL File of the respective Library into your Projects’ references. You will find the DLL(Dynamic Link Library) of the particular Library/Console Application in the “bin” folder of that particular Library/Console Application.

4. Socioboard(Another Individual MVC4(WEB API) project in the solution)

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