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The entire solution contains 2 Projects one is API.SocioBoard which has already been mentioned , the other one being SocioBoard which almost has all the main coding structure of the socioboard , technically having all the Controllers and Views and Most Importantly Web Services.

3.1 Controllers

A controller can send commands to the model to update the model's state (e.g., editing a document). It can also send commands to its associated view to change the view's presentation of the model (e.g., by scrolling through a document). SocioBoard has these many Controllers:-



A Views requests information from the model that it uses to generate an output representation to the user. The view manages the display of information. The Views folder stores the files (HTML files) related to the display of the application (the user interfaces). These files may have the extensions html, asp, aspx, cshtml, and vbhtml, depending on the language content. The Home folder is used for storing application pages like the home page and the about page. The Shared folder is used to store views shared between controllers (master pages and layout pages).


SocioBoard Uses 2 Main .cshtml file in the SocioBoard>Themes>SocioBoard>Views>Shared Folder and they are:-

  • Site.cshtml: The Views File Contains the Hearder,footers,Left Informations and

dropdown Boxes HTML Contents. It also has some Javascripts written at the end. This Page is an After Login Master Page.

  • SocialSuite.cshtml: This Views Files has the Header and Footer Html Contents of the

main Homepage of the SocioBoard site.Including the Login and registering Pop-up Box.It also has some Javascripts written at the end.This Page is Socioboard Masterpage Before Login. The HTML Code for the HOMEPAGE Description is written in SocioBoard>Themes>SocioBoard>Views>Index>Index.cshtml. Some of the Views also has many Javascripts code written at the end.


Although Most of the Javascripts are written in the Views,A Particular base folder is also present where all the Main JS codes are present The Address of this main JS Folder is SocioBoard>Themes>Contents>JS.

3.4 Web References

Web Service is very general model for building applications that can be implemented for any operating system that supports communication over the web. Web Reference is the old-style, deprecated ASP.NET webservices (ASMX) technology (using only the XmlSerializer for your stuff) - if you do this, you get an ASMX client for an ASMX web service. Adding a service reference allows you to create a WCF client, which can be used to talk to a regular web service provided you use the appropriate binding. Adding a web reference will allow you to create only a web service (i.e., SOAP) reference.

  • Steps to Add Web Reference:-

1.) Right Click on Service Reference and Select ‘Add Reference’.

2.) Click on Advance.

3.) Click on ‘Add Web Reference’.

4.) When you Select ‘Web Services in this solution’,It will fetch and show all the services that is added in the project Api.SocioBoard >Services,as this project also present in the same Solution.

For example:-

  • Api.Affiliates
  • Api.Facebook
  • Api.TwitterFeed
  • Api.TumblrFeed