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Socioboard offered the facility to protects the privacy of each customer with its SaaS version while providing service of managing multiple social media accounts and harnessing the power of social media it also offer huge reliability and security—on a massive scale. The keen motive of the company to develop SaaS version of Socioboard – now customers no need of hardware or software to buy, install, update or maintain. It'll make them free from managing complex software and hardware. With the SaaS version of Socioboard they will get access to applications very easily: just need an Internet connection and ready to began their business empower.

Key characteristic of Socioboard SaaS version

Multitenant architecture ( all Socioboard users and applications will share a single and common code base that is centrally maintained).

Easy customization (all customize applications are very easy to manage and easily fit with customers business process without affecting the common code base. The customizations are unique to each business and brand which directly means that Socioboard can make upgrades oftenly, with less customer risk and lower adoption cost).

Better access (increases the availability to get access to social media managing dashboard from any network device while making it easier to operate and manage privilege.)