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Type : Internet Technologies & Social Networking
Foundation date : 17th Nov 2014
Area Served : Worldwide
Founder and CEO : Sumit Ghosh
Key people : Sumit Ghosh
Industry : Internet
Website :
Type of Site : Social media management, Social Networking Service
Launched : 17th Nov 2014
Current status : Active


Socioboard(Social Media Lead Generation Toolkit for Businesses) is the first and only open source software which helps businesses understand and harness the power of social media to generate more sales. It can perform various functions like managing social media accounts, analytics and reporting. It provides a comprehensive dashboard with intelligent analytics and predictive analysis features which collects data points from multiple data sources and classifies them according to more than 1000 categories providing consumer oriented marketing data to businesses and brands. Socioboard offers you an open-source Community version and paid Enterprise and SaaS versions with unmatched world-class technical support round the clock. It makes it easy for you to keep tabs on social conversations and provides everything you need to build your brand further by efficiently engaging your audience on one platform.

Socioboard Enterprise and SaaS Versions:

Socioboard Community Version:


About the Company

Socioboard was founded with a vision backed by years of experience and expertise of the founding team managing Social Media Campaigns for hundreds of brands. It has a dedicated team working tirelessly to collect customer feedback, test functionalities, enhance features, refine offerings and provide constant support.


Socioboard is primarily a service oriented organization, it’s our vision to impart any level of assistance needed. Socioboard has been striving hard to give world class support to its customers. We are committed to give any support required to our end users.


Socioboard is in course of establishing partnership with Cloud Service Providers such as MS Azure, Amazon AWS etc. We are also in the process of hosting plugins and applications from us as well as our partners. We constantly work on improving our product features as we keep recieving feedback from our customers & partners.


Socioboard offers you opportunities and challenges helping you advance in your career to achieve personal and professional growth. Join our team. We’ll help you develop and accelerate your career by providing you with opportunities to amplify your talent. At socioboard we nurture your strengths and value your unique perspective, and in return we expect you to share our passion for ‘excellence’ in everything we do.


Social media marketers constantly face difficulties while accessing technologies which are flexible enough to meet their needs for approval workflow, compliance, asset management, moderation, etc. Socioboard is here to address all these issues with great features such as: live chat, news feed, timeline, profiles, events, notifications, likes, and so much more...

  • Highly customizable and scalable open-source tool in different editions
  • Advanced scheduling & publishing tools
  • Social ticketing system for monitoring and replying to negative feeds
  • Auto RssFeeds for distribute a list of headlines, update notices, and sometimes content to a wide number of people
  • Google Analytics that tracks and reports website traffic
  • Sentiment analysis is use for natural language processing, text analysis and computational linguistics.
  • Prompt feeds and interactive social discovery tools
  • Sophisticated analytics on various parameters
  • Social CRM tools including shared customer records
  • Customer support features like tasks and Helpdesk integration
  • Highly efficient team collaboration tools
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Executable across various devices and platforms
  • Social Ticketing

Detailed features

Smart Inbox

Prompt Feeds

Auto RssFeeds

Google Analytics

Advanced Scheduling and Publishing

Unique Social Discovery

In-depth Analytics and Reports

Effective and efficient Engagement

Constant Real-time Monitoring

Team Collaboration Tools

Social CRM

Helpdesk Integration

Mobile Apps

Socioboard provide all-in-exclusive and most companion app to manage your social media from anytime and anywhere. you just need to have an account on Socioboard to use this app.

Engage with your audience, manage team workflow and monitor your brand while on the go. Whether you are behind the counter helping customers or on the tarmac headed to a conference in Vegas, you will have the power to keep your business social.

Social media levels-up the playing field for marketers as of the importance and utilization of social media apps are considered to drive more sales for businesses. Social media is not the thing to be tacked on after the fact. The efficient way to acquire a social following is to integrate social media directly into your business. In order to this Socioboard have its keen vision and developed Socioboard apps for both desktop and mobile based apps those are becoming the dominant form of digital interaction.

The Android app will put the power of Socioboard in the palm of your hand, allowing you to:

  • Manage all of your social feeds from one intuitive application
  • Complete Social and Brand monitoring from anywhere
  • Send updates to all of your social networks on the go
  • Genius strikes at all hours - schedule, draft or queue messages to send at a later time
  • View reach, clicks and retweets of sent messages
  • Assign personal or team tasks for follow-up

jvQfyeb.png Socioboard Mobile App

SocioBoard official app is an extension of the SocioBoard Core application on iOS and Android. The company offered you a platform to manage your social media accounts you have connected to socioBoard web core through SocioBoard mobile apps.

PlayStore :

iTunes :

M4DEAkW.png fBoardPro

f-boardpro is an impressive mobile based app which can automate multiple Facebook account and management them. It helps you to logging to multiple Facebook accounts from your iOS or Android mobile device and do various Facebook marketing activities such as post, like, share, comment, managing pages, fan groups, communities and much more. Open source version is available on GitHub.

GitHub :

PlayStore :

iTunes :

oJy2LZF.png tBoardPro

t-boardpro is a mighty twitter marketing automation mobile based app. The app enables it's user to log-in to multiple Twitter accounts from their iOS or Android mobile device and do various twitter marketing activities like follow, unfollow, tweeting, re-tweeting, favorites, scheduling tweets etc. You can get the open source version of t-boardpro from GitHub.

GitHub :

PlayStore :

iTunes :

vlba8sH.png lBoardPro

I-boardpro is an open source mobile based multiple Linkedin accounts management application. The app is very easy to operate and use. You just need to logging multiple LinkedIn accounts via iOS or Android device and you are ready to do all your LinkedIn activities like share comments, see user following companies details and latest jobs of the various company. The open source version of l-boardpro is hosted on GitHub.

4PkFuxb.png iBoardPro

i-boardpro is one of the most compelling mobile based apps of SocioBoard Core. The app enables its users to create manage multiple Instagram accounts and provide an easy to use time-savvy account managing platform to do various Instagram marketing tasks. A user just needs to logging multiple Instagram accounts from their iOS or Android mobile device and do activities like comments, follow, unfollow, likes, scheduling posts etc. It's one of the most persuasive open source mobile app for Instagram marketers to automate their regular marketing tasks. The open source version of i-boardpro is available on GitHub.

GitHub :

PlayStore :

iTunes :

Desktop Apps

Socioboard desktop apps are the Swiss knife for social media marketers. The app will let you to get competing user experience and harness the real power of social media and make sure you and your businesses remain within the limits of social media usage and don't over do something.

R9X8elW.png faceBoardPro

faceBoardPro is an open source Facebook marketing software, used to manage multiple Facebook accounts operated by businesses to promote their brand and products. It’s a web-based tool which help you to automate your regular Facebook tasks with few clicks and can be run from its website and provide the access from any computer. It helps you to create and manage multiple accounts, manage your social communities, fans and followers groups, brand pages, apps and much more. Basically faceboardPro is a time savvy automated marketing software for Facebook which can automatically update your regular tasks and make your brand's presence influencing over the networks.

GitHub :

Website :

QrGHIDp.png twtBoardPro

twtBoardPro is an open source twitter marketing platform. The product is solely created to manage multiple Twitter accounts. twtBoardPor enables you to harness the real power of “the SMS of the internet” and help you to automate your regular activity like tweets, re-tweets, following favorites etc. It lets you target with precision, spread your message, connect directly with your audience, manage all campaigns and do much more to make sure you get your ultra productive on twitter by maximizing your brand exposure with this software.

GitHub :

Website :

RrxSoPk.png inBoardPro

inBoardPro is a LinkedIn marketing software which can assist you in managing your overall LinkedIn marketing campaign. With inboardpro, you can create and manage multiple Linkedin accounts, can easily send off invitations to your connections for joining your Linkedin community, easily update status to your different groups with a single click, flexibility to create open as well as close groups, post automated updates, flexibility to import certain selective members to send them messages personally and do a whole lot of things on Linkedin.

GitHub :

Website :

H67kIAe.png gramBoardPro

GramboardPro is an impressive Instagram automation tool which can manage all your Instagram accounts and tasks. It provides a full range of account settings to help you increase your Instagram likes, followers, and comments. Gramboardpro is an open source Instagram marketing software which can automate your marketing activity and help you to generate following of real people who're actually interested in your business..

GitHub :

Website :

Why Open-Source

There are many great tools available for managing social media programs, from content management systems to analytics tools. But many of the systems available are rigid in their architecture, and cannot be customized to meet the specific editorial, workflow, and governance needs of various organizations. By creating a customizable, open source alternative, teams can model their system the way they operate in the real world.

There is too much focus on vanity metrics. Marketers don’t focus on driving business results through social media. Brands are still using social media as a broadcasting channel.

Social media marketers face the difficulty to access technology that is flexible enough to meet their needs for approval workflow, compliance, asset management, moderation, etc. The tools available for managing social media are often lacking, and perpetuate the issues in social media marketing by overemphasizing broadcasting content and vanity metrics. Open-source is a revolution in an industry which is mostly dominated by big names, in other words it’s a boon in an industry which generally charges hefty amounts from end users. With many organizations reaching out to open source it is undoubtedly becoming clear that price is not the only advantage which open-source holds against proprietary softwares. We have listed some distinct compelling advantages for business users as well as individuals:

  • Security
The more open the code is the more possibilities it holds to be tested in field and hence the more secure it can be made as is evident by example of Linux distributions.
  • Quality
Thousands of developers contributing across international borders will obviously produce better quality outcome than a handful of developers.
  • Customizability
Users can take a piece of open source software and tweak it to suit their needs as they please.
  • Freedom
Open-source gives freedom from nasty vendor lock-in which people have to endure with proprietary softwares.
  • Flexibility
Open source softwares are typically much less resource-intensive, meaning that people can run it well even on older hardware. It's up to end user not some vendor to decide when it's time to upgrade.
  • Interoperability
Open source software is much better at degree of interoperability vis a vis proprietary software.
  • Auditability
The visibility of the code behind open source software means you can see for yourself and be confident about the quality and functionality.
  • Try Before You Buy
Costs nothing to try. No commitment required until you're sure.



Socioboard is created using ASP.NET, MVC 5.2, and JQuery with back end as MySQL and MongoDB.

APIs to be used to retrieve or post the data to social networking sites would be:

Twitter - REST API v1.1 – Wrapper Written in

Facebook – Graph API – Facebook C# SDK

LinkedIn – REST API - Wrapper Written in

Google Plus – HTTP API - Wrapper Written in

Instagram- Instagram’s API - Wrapper Written in

The scheduler service, developed in C#, would run on a 24/7 server. This scheduler would post the message at the scheduled time to selected account(s).

Devices and Platforms

Socioboard is available on web, desktop and mobile. We have Android and iOS apps which work in tandem with the web app.

BkLu9La.png Main Page

This is the main Socioboard Wiki.

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