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Socioboard offered it's community edition as an open source social media monitoring, analyzing and management software. The software is world's first social technology enabler. It helps business and brands to better understand the power of social media and provide easy to use social media tools for their business. The keen vision of the company to developed its community edition as an open source software – Socioboard developed, tested, or improved through various public collaboration and dispersed with the idea that their source code must be shared with others hence, company ensuring an open future collaboration software. The software is best so far in the promotional market with its ultra features and highly extensible as well as customizable.

The company offer an open source social media dashboards to its users and let them to combine multiple social media accounts into a single convenient interface because for many individuals and businesses that maintain multiple social media accounts across multiple networks, however, visiting each of the websites and logging in multiple times to perform regular social media tasks can be quite difficult. To better manage these accounts, open source tools and dashboard of Socioboard have been developed. It also brings a number of additional social media managing features that can increase workflow and productivity for business and brand users.

Key characteristic of Socioboard Community Edition (Open Source Version)

open exchange (transmits open source data seamlessly) Collaborative participation (monitor & manage multiple social media accounts) Rapid prototyping (available as a web app and mobile apps on iOS & Android) Transparency (create useful reports and take business decisions based on them) Meritocracy (fully open source and easily customizable) community development (extensible in the form of Plugins)